Kigali Hat 2014 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Kigali Hat Tournament!

If you have not done so already, please complete the supplementary Google form here:

This year's tournament will be taking place on Saturday, March 1st, and Sunday, March 2nd. Registration for the tournament will be open until Friday, February 21st. The fee for this year's tournament will be 15.000 RWF (about 20 USD) for ex pats, and 5.000 RWF (about 7.50 USD) for East African citizens. The fee will be collected during the Registration Party at Circle Sportif Kigali on Friday, February 28th; unless you have notified the organizers ahead of time, you must be present to register on Friday in order to play in the tournament.

A quick shout out to some of our sponsors:

Sake Restaurant, Meze Fresh, Mr. Chips, Life is Good

Thanks for signing up! See you all in March!

Some more info and a last chance to ask questions before the tournament 26 Feb 10:54

Thank you all for registering for the 4th annual Kigali Ultimate Hat Tournament!  We are excited about your participation in the tournament this weekend.  We have 81 participants registered this year, which is a few more than last year.

As we approach the weekend, please note the...

A few reminders before Friday 25 Feb 06:57

Hi everyone!

As Friday approaches, we have just a few reminders.

If you have not done so already, PLEASE complete the supplemental google form here:

If you are not going to make it, please let us know ASAP so...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Papa Q (Queenie) (Alex Roman) M
2. Nathan (Nathan Gauthier) M
3. Alex Evangelides (Alex Evangelides) M
4. G (G Higgins) F
5. Angi Enjelu (Angi Enjelu) F
6. ashimo (mutumba gerald ) M
7. Ryan (Ryan Higgins) M
8. Cha Cha (Charity Ineza) F
9. Bethany (Bethany Ericson) F
10. Flan (Flannery McArdle) F
11. G-Man (Garrett Fujiwara) M
12. Madi (Madisyn Lu) F
13. Katie (Kathryn Kirby) F
14. Patricia Gimbo F
15. nicole (Nilla Gahimbare) F
16. Jamil (Kisubi Jamil) M
17. Désiré (Jean Désiré Nkurunziza) M
18. Xoxo (Ssali Alex) M
19. Godfrey (T J Godfrey Mukisa) M
20. Yasin (Yasin Kizza) M
21. Jane Irakiza (Jane Gakuru) F
22. Rukundo moussa (Rukundo Mussa Kankou) M
23. Sophia (Sophia Rosenfeld) F
24. JJ (JJ Wang) F
25. uwiringiyimana godfrey (Uwiringiyimana Godfrey) M
26. Afade (Lali Dapuman) M
27. Andrew (Andrew Moreno) M
28. Bourque (Bork) (Ryan Bourque) M
29. katusof forword umar (Katusof Umar) M
30. Lindsay (Lindsay Bryson) F
31. Evrard (Evrard Ngabire) M
32. Sebastian (Sebastian Krantz) M
33. Stephen (Stephen Miller) M
34. BCbuddy (Amir Allana) M
35. scoff (Joseph Kwesiga) M
36. Sylvestre (Sylvestre Parmentier) M
37. Cedro (Laura Cedro) F
38. bright (Kyerio Brighton) M
39. Micha (Michel Schmitt) M
40. pedro del kossa (Peter Kossakowski) M
41. Daniel (Daniel Handel) M
42. John (John Braaksma) M
43. Miles (Miles Kirby) M
44. Dan (Daniel Lawner) M
45. Riley (Riley Meinershagen) M
46. Jake (Jake Stanley) M
47. 'Murica (Sam Ford) M
48. ntwari (Etienne Niyigena) M